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If we do not take a hold on social media platforms we are just not promoting it right. The large and huge traffic of consumers is actually found in this digital space. There are a lot of available consumer ready-to-go if you put things sequentially and in proper alignment. If you take a note, all kinds of product can be sold on social media, tangible or intangible! The moment we think about branding, there is an instant spike of idea to establish it on various social media platforms. There is speedy growth in not so prolonged time, mainly because the buyers

Designing gives meaning to everything it is added. While serving food, presentation satisfies half the appetite. Paying attention to designing and carving out unique ways to present has been history. A good design not only brings appreciation but transforms the way it’s been looked upon. The logic of “the same for all” doesn’t work here. Every design should speak for the element it carries, it should complement every content put up so that it further enhances the whole look of the content. Designing is like giving structure to normal clay and carving it to a pot. The clay is carved and

A significant presence of the market on digital platform is one of the top ranking task while any mind plans to accelerate an organization for service. Every other innovation has shifted to digital location in the current scenario we are surviving in. In the coming times, digital platform is going to rule the whole industry. The major benefit it offers is its reach to zillions breaking the norm of limited communication idea. People can access through your service even if they don’t know you’re your identity. A good website and a proper constructed app is the best marketing strategy ever. In fact,

Have you seen a very plain simple t-shirt worth 200 becoming a 2000 worth item just with an addition of a logo on that t-shirt. That is the power of the reputation the brand has earned and logo is the proof of it. Very often, you must have been surprised and astonished to hear that a certain brand spent a billion dollar just for a very slight change in the logo of the brand? Have you wondered why? Because they very well know the influence of the change, they are aware of the fact that expenditure of a few billions on